Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thinking Too Much

Sometimes we interfere with our own happiness by thinking too much. Go with your feelings, your intuitive guidance, the path of least resistance. What is it that works? What is it that feels good? What gives you pleasure? What brings joy into your life?

Thinking about things and analyzing it is both good and necessary, but we need to be aware of all those factors that make our life a great experience.

Wisdom will come from following the flow of things. We can second guess the news and sports games and so many other things in life, but ultimately, our happiness is derived from the simple pleasures in life, the time spent with those whose company we enjoy, appreciation of a moment of peace gazing at a sunset, the pleasure of a little time spent reading a book, dancing to music or watching a movie.

We can think too much sometimes, wondering if a person loves us or wondering if a business deal will work out. If we have taken all the action we can take in these matters, then the only thing left to do is to let things unfold at their own rate and appreciate each moment, staying open to the experience.

It is the feeling of appreciation of life as it is. Just savoring the moment. Not analyzing it, just savoring it.

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