Saturday, April 18, 2009


Some people see the world in terms of win/lose. In other words if one person wins, another one has to lose.

Other people see the world in terms of win/win. In other words, the world is big enough for us both to win.

We can be independent and pay attention to that which we feel is most important in life. And by finding ways to work with others, we can find ways to create opportunities or take advantage of opportunities that work for both of us.

Working with others to share leads and information benefits both parties. Sharing costs on things we can both use is efficient. As a reader and healer, I frequently share space with other readers and healers at events where there is a substantial entry fee. Then we both have a place to work and an even better opportunity to make money on that event. Plus it is fun to share work space with other people who are both dedicated and good natured.

I consider new opportunities all the time, and I am always looking for more. Sharing in this way helps both of us win.

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