Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Question of Royalty

When we look at the court cards in tarot, what do we really see? Is it merely kings and queens? Do they represent other people? Do they represent higher aspects of ourselves?

These are two major differences in ways to interpret these images. Sometimes the presence of the king or queen is calling us to be more, to do more, to rise to our highest possible level of achievement.

The appearance of a court card might indicate that we can be excellent and attain the top rank in our chosen endeavors. If we have been working diligently, it may be our time to gain recognition, prosperity, promotion and advancement.

Court cards can also signal the appearance of another person in your life. Depending on the question, of course, it could be a new lover, new business partner, relative, mentor or other person who could play a key role in your life.

Traditionally the knights are on horseback.Knights signify energies and people already in action. Things are in motion if you have a knight.

Pages, on the other hand, are generally on foot. Messengers, new people or influences approaching but from a greater distance. These might be prospects on the horizon. A development a little farther off in time. These could be people who might be coming into your life. These could also be new avenues for you to explore. Perhaps a change of direction in career or relationship. Pages are also generally drawn in ambiguous manner so that they can be interpreted as male or female.

Which prompts me to mention that the same can be true of kings, queens and knights. A person can be calling forth masculine or feminine properties or attritubutes or characteristics. And pulling a king does not necessarily mean a male, any more than pulling a queen necessarily indicates a female. This aspect of interpretation is about the intuitive or psychic art of the reader.

Various decks such as the Norse Tarot have reinterpreted the characters as king, queen, prince and princess to design a bit more gender balance into the decks. One deck, Voyager Tarot, changed the court cards to family cards, renaming them man, woman, child and sage.

These characters always signify some kind of dramatic movement or a major change. They are important people in your life. You are the most important actor in your life.

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