Friday, April 17, 2009


Networking is a powerful way to get things done. Another word for networking is referrals. And another word is brainstorming. Sometimes people form mastermind groups or have mentors. Let's say you are looking for a good massage therapist, a reader, an energy healer, a doctor, accountant, musician, artist, lawyer, home repair, auto repair, beautician or dentist. You ask around and get contact information from people you know. Usually people will only refer other people they have had good experiences with, rather than just someone whose ads they've seen.

Building a business and researching ways to grow your business are the same thing. Both are necessary at the same time. All of us have tried various promotions or techniques with varying degrees of success. Sometimes we have to refine our offerings to satisfy the desires of the customers. That's why sometimes massage therapists do chair massage instead of setting up a massage table, or readers do 10 or 20 minture readings in busy venues. Contacting other people and brainstorming with them is a way to get useful information and a warm introduction to other people who may be helpful to you.

There are networking organizations that sell memberships, and being active in these can be helpful. Gatherings of other like minded people are natural. For example, if you are a holistic healer or a reader, networking with other holistic healers or readers.

Virtually any gathering of people could be a good connection. Let's say a school reunion or a neighborhood association. There are many opportunities.

Sometimes all you have to do is ask and people will help. Sometimes a person may not be willing or able to help, but it never hurts to ask. Sometimes people will offer to help that you did not expect anything from. Generally I find that people are willing to help other people. It seems to be part of human nature.

It is only reasonable, of course, that people will be happiest to help you and give you referrals if they have experienced the product or service you have to offer and they were happy with the result. Some people may want money from you for their help, and this may or may not be the way you want to do things. Many people who are good networkers are willing to be reciprocal, exchanging information for information, ideas for ideas or suggesting ways you can work together.

Any person who is building their own business has to be creative. Working with other people to promote your business is a wise thing. There are definitely things I have learned from others that I would never have learned on my own. There are also other things I learned simply from driving around and surfing the web.

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