Monday, April 27, 2009

Free Will and Motivation

Continuing the idea from yesterday's blog, think about all the different assumptions people make about another person's motivation.

For example, the assumption that because a person grew up poor and and to work that he somehow was damaged or hindered in their development. But is that true?

Some people grew up poor and because of it, learned to be efficient and utilize all the resources available. Others turned to crime. Some were industrious, innovative and successful while others wallowed in self pity and became alcoholics or drug addicts.

Some people who worked their way out of poverty became great philanthropists and generous people. Others always hoarded what they had and were always looking over their shoulder to see if someone was trying to steal their stuff.

What does all this tell us about the influences on a person's development? That there are varying degrees of influence between nature and nurture, and that two people exposed to the same situations can react differently.

In short, I see it as a great argument for the influence of free will. We choose what we will do, so the person who chooses to wallow in misery will do so, and the person who chooses to succeed will do so.

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