Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Open Minded

How often are we open minded? Just at times, or all the time? How difficult is it for us to accept a new idea, or even consider it? Are we open minded just about some things, but not others. Probably.

That's why it takes a major life event to get a person to change, such as a death of a close family member or friend, loss of job or career, divorce, ending of a long term relationship, serious illness, accident, bankruptcy, loss of an investment or failure of a business.

When everything is going in a way that we like, why would we want to change? We would not of course. When things are going in a way that we like, or a way that we are comfortable with, we want it to stay the same.

Then when things come unraveled, it sets in motion a whole string of things we thought were set. When someone near and dear to us has a health challenge or dies, we reexamine our own health habits, and maybe take up some new ones. Those who become empty nesters no longer need a big house. We end a long term relationships and then decide that perhaps it is a good time to move and see another part of the country. We lose our job and then have to find something totally different to do for a living, and then we don't want to find a job in our old industry or profession again.

One thread begins to unravel the whole fabric. But sometimes, we may initiate the process rather than having something else set it in motion. And we are faced with the question of how much we really want to change.

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