Saturday, April 11, 2009

Energy Movement

Energy always exists, it just moves from place to place. Times when we feel it has left us, it has simply become dislocated. If there is a part of us where the energy is blocked, we have to call it back in.

When we feel our energy is low, we simply have to find a way to replenish it. Sometimes food or sleep will do it, but sometimes there is nothing like movement, exercise or sex. When we do the things that replenish our energy, we magnetize ourselves to more energy.

Energy does not totally leave us unless we are dead. It may be dormant in some parts of us, but it is in fluctuating supply unless we do things to keep our energy supply up to an optimum level.

The optimum level is where we can sense the energy in every part of us and make use of it at all times. Optimum use occurs when we can focus our attention where we want the energy to move and feel the sensation of it even before we move a muscle. Energy is subtle and strong and sometimes it is the precursor to moving a muscle and sometimes it moves with the muscle. Focus, feel and notice how powerful the flow of energy is. Observe what you can do.

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