Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The triangle of manifestation is really a simple concept, powerful in its construction, yet highly effective.

As the geometric figure with the least amount of sides, it is a powerful building block. From the pyramids to the geodesic domes, the triangle is a powerful way of constructing great works.

The three sides represent principles for creation: desire, focus, and will. If you hold a constant vision of where you want to be and visualize yourself in it, you will be stepping into it. If you use your will, you are also taking solid actions. Desire is all about really wanting something. Sounds simple, right?

Here are things to remember to strengthen your triangle.

Visualization, focus, imagination. It is important to keep seeing yourself in the picture, achieving your goals, having the life you want. If you say "I wish I had that," then by definition you do not. Hold your focus and each step that helps you realize your goal puts you one step closer to being in the picture.

Desire. How many times do we think we might like to have this or that. We change our mind. We think it would be nice to buy this a new car, or go on a vacation or buy this or that thing that we think is attractive. We think we will get around to reading all those books on our shelves that we haven't read yet. We think about going to this restaurant or that nightclub or getting an ipod. Lots of desires. But which ones are constant? Which ones do we really want so much that they are always on our list?

Will. Taking action. Lots of people think that positive thinking is enough or that lighting a candle and making a wish will be enough. Lighting a green candle will not bring you money, and lighting a pink candle will not bring you love. Simply looking at ads on craigslist or monster or the local paper is not going to be the key to changing careers or finding new jobs. Those steps can be helpful, but they must be combined with other action. You have to do something to get there from here. Call people, meet people. Go somewhere, do something. Then your luck will change. After you have done lots of things and met lots of people, lighting a candle when you come home in the evening is a nice relaxing touch.

Keep the three sides of the triangle strong and you will see changes manifest in your life. If you are not making change happen, check the three sides of your triangle and see if one side is weak. If that is so, then take action to strengthen it.

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