Saturday, April 4, 2009

Doing What You Love

What could be better than doing what you love? Loving what you do can certainly close that gap as well. Why do I say this?

From a purely practical point of view, some of us are fortunate enough to do things we really enjoy and make enough money from that to make a living. Some of us have chosen a profession, learned it and now are following straight through on that path.

You can see that in the faces and behaviors of people who enjoy what they do. Here they are fully engaged; doing landscaping because they enjoy planting and arranging things, doing facials and cutting hair because they enjoy helping other women look even better. Here they are doing healing work on people because they enjoy seeing the people feeling better, getting relief from their pain. Here they are cooking and serving food in restaurants because they enjoy seeing people enjoying their meals. Here they are painting pictures and selling them, or framing pictures for people to take home and enjoy looking at in their living room.

But not everybody can decide to be in the field of their choice and then make their money that way.

They find themselves in jobs that they did not create simply because it pays the bills. So if a person does not have the ability to change that at this time, they can decide to take pleasure in doing what they are doing and enjoy each moment, each job, each interaction while they are doing it, and then carry that attitude with them all day.

Whether or not they have the opportunity to create their own job one day, they do have the opportunity to bring more joy and consciousness to whatever they are doing for now. What may come is as yet unknown, but now is here, and now can be as joyful as we want to make it.

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