Monday, June 8, 2009

Can You Really Do What You Love?

With the rapidly evolving world of work these days, it is reasonable to ask if the old axiom "Do what you love and the money will follow" still works?

I'm sure that there are people who can answer the question either way. So maybe another question is necessary to refine it. What if what you really love to do is not possible where you are? Is there something else you could learn to love? Is there something that you could learn to love to do over the internet?

What if there is something else you could learn to do that is a variation of your first choice? What if you could invent another choice?

Once upon a time, I made my living as a magazine editor. Then opportunities in that field started to dry up. So I just accepted the fact that business is changing and decided that my attention and energy is best served by placing it elsewhere.

So I looked at the fact that I learned do readings and healings and decided to apply myself to really expanding that part of my life. It is growing and I love it.

Other people will have other shifts. Perhaps my choice was a little easier, although my transition is still a work in progress, because I had other things that I liked and was good at. But if you really take an inventory of the things you are interested in, a new career opportunity could be created. No, it is not always easy, but we all have more possibilities than we thought. We have to keep our eyes and ears open and extend our network of contact outward.

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