Sunday, June 28, 2009

Will Power

How strong is your will power? When you decide to do something do you keep moving toward your goal? If one way fails, do you look for another way? There is a lot to be said for persistence in going for what you want.

Brainstorming with friends, relatives, people you work with and others who care about you can always turn up some interesting ideas for helping you achieve your goal. Even little, off the cuff suggestions could turn into great leads. Thinking outside the box can open your eyes to a path you didn't know was there.

Even the actions you take that are not successful can open another door you did not know was there. When people decline your offer, they reveal something else that is useful.

Will power is focused by clear vision. If you have fuzzy goals, your way to them will not be as clear.

Strong will and self esteem go hand in hand. When you are successful in meeting part of your goal, you feel encouraged, and when you get that, you have a sense of accomplishment, and when you have that, you feel proud of what you have done, and rightly so.

If you are trying to make a better life for yourself, you can simultaneously help create a better world for others by providing goods and services that people really want and need.

One other aspect I always include is to give something back to those who need it. I support the charities of my choice, which always unleashes torrents of good energy for everyone it touches.

Be strong of heart in pursuing your goals. You are worth it. And there are many others who will appreciate your efforts. "Can do" attitudes make every day better. Living in the now and consistently focusing on goals until you magically turn them into realities gives all of us a reason to smile, and to get up ready to embrace whatever it is we have to do.

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