Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How Are You Traveling?

Speaking of travel, there are certain cards in the tarot deck that immediately suggest travel, 6 Swords being one of them, Chariot being another.

Looking at the 6 Swords, who do you identify with? The guide helping the passengers across to their destination, or the passengers being transported, who need help? Could the guide be a mentor as well as fulfilling the role of a chauffeur or a guardian? Or could this be the power of attraction, drawing you to your goal? Could this be a pilgrimmage to a sacred site or to participate in a sacred ritual or reunion of some sort? Could it be the beginning of an apprenticeship? Certainly journeys can be internal and/or external.

When you are the driver of the Chariot, are you able to harness the energies of the horses or other creatures that pull your cart? Can you get them to take you to your destination with speed and power? Can you get your team to work together? Are you picking up speed as you move toward your goals?

Is there someone in your life who really moves you? Are you moving powerfully toward your goal? If this represented a powerful adversary, what would it suggest about your strategy? Does your career or home life need to move in a new direction? There is movement in your life, but are directing the movement, or at the mercy of other energies? Are you ready to set the pace and the direction?

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