Friday, June 19, 2009

Other Points of View

Here's something to think about. If the crop circles are simply hoaxes as some people claim, someone was really a genuis to be able to create works of art on such a large scale.

If they are not made by hoaxers, then we still don't know what causes them or how they were made, and they remain an intruiguing mystery. Either way, we have these strange and wonderful creations to consider.

So we consider the possibilities of other life in the universe. Again, we don't really know what is out there, so our imaginations are free to create explanations and make up stories. Perhaps the stories lots of ET fans favor about grays and reptilians are just fabrications from people who love mythology, fairy tales, fantasy and science fiction. So we have interesting stories to stretch our minds.

Some authors have put together fascinating theories about how visitors had an influence on ancient civilizations. True or not, I do not know. Interesting, yes. Perhaps one of the intriguing aspects at the root is that so much is beyond our comprehension that we are like the tribes in Mexico who saw the Spaniards ships approaching and had no point of reference for them. They did not know what they were looking at, so they made stories up and related them to their mythology.

We may be looking at things we do not understand and trying to create explanations for them. I do not know the truth about all this. Probably no one does. But our space stations and Hubble telescope and shuttles keep expanding our views of the possible. And looking with our eyes and our minds and listening with our ears, we explore the world we live in, expanding, exploring, embracing whole new concepts.

What happens to us when our vision is larger?

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