Saturday, June 13, 2009

Divining Away Our Fears

People have always sought out those who can divine the future as a way of quieting the fears caused by uncertainty. No reading can remove all uncertainty.

Our likely futures include a number of possibilities. It is how we use our free will in choosing our actions that alters the flow of the energies and shapes our future. Those who can help us see can help us recognize patterns and omens so that we can be more aware of our opportunities and choices.

Some people say that the word tarot itself means "royal road" another term for our grand journey through life. Tarot helps us see that it is not the destination but the journey itself and how we negotiate our path is most important. Life is what we make it. Love is what we make it.

Tarot can teach us important lessons that will help us read the sign posts along the road and read the omens that are not presented to us in the form of sign posts. It is how we journey that determines the quality of our life.

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