Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What Does It Look Like?

So if we are imagining the world that we want to live in, what does it look like?

In the short space of our lifetimes, (those of us of a certain age) we have gone from telephones with party lines to private lines with answering machines to cell phones in our pockets. We have gone from black and white TV with three channels to cable and satellite with hundreds of channels. We have gone from air travel being a special occasion to an every day thing.

We have gone from reading newspapers to getting news online or on the radio. We have gone from suits and ties at work every day to casual wear every day in many different jobs.

Computers have gone from being big clunky things to something the size of a notebook, and they will work anywhere, even in a coffee shop, restaurant, bookstore, parking lot or airport. Many people work exlusively though their computers and many others find substantial business and social contacts that way. Yet a mere 20 years ago, it was not much of a factor at all.

So what will our work look like in the future? What will our living arrangements look like in the future? What will our playing look like in the future? How far ahead are we looking?

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