Sunday, June 21, 2009

From the Past Into the Future

One of the greatest misconceptions about past life recall is that it is nothing more than a frivolity or a vanity.

But those are the opinions of people who have never experienced a session and witnessed the benefits.

When I went to have my first past life session, I was skeptical, but curious, so I asked the person doing my session how I could tell whether whatever I came up with is simply a product of my imagination. She answered this way. "If you go through this process with me and you come up with a story, and that story is helpful to you and teaches you a valuable lesson, does it matter where the story came from?"

By staying neutral and helping the person recall their own stories, the guide helps a person identify patterns in their relationships, patterns to the events in their lives. Seeing this common thread then, frees them up from repeating the same pattern in their present live. By prompting them to recognize the identity of a person from a past life, they can recognize the dynamics between themselves and a similar person in their present life.

When a person recognizes these patterns, they are empowered to make changes. Clarity becomes their ally. People who have experienced fears or pains in their present life, upon recognizing the origin of that in a past life, can release that pain or fear once they examine the root. Even if it is not only partially alleviated, at least that is progress and that can continue to improve over time.

Past life stories can be very helpful to a person as a tool for finding greater joy and satisfaction in their present life. Far from being vain or frivolous, it is a way of healing that really works.

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