Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Imagination & Inspiration

The words imagination and inspiration are effective, and still serve us well. Although people today might use terms like creative visualization or guided imagery. Channeling might simply be another version of what we know as inspiration.

Every child with crayons and paper can use their imagination to draw something. Every actor can imagine themselves as another person, as a way of being able to play the role of that character. Every good writer can imagine a character and a setting and a story and put it into writing. Archaeologists and anthropologists use their imaginations to piece together their finds and picture what life might have been like in another time and place. These are all just different applications of the same ability that we all have. Some of us use it more than others.

Today, people write channeled books. Others say that they channeled music or paintings. Yet, is that significantly different than musicians who say they were inspired to write a song or inspired to write a book or paint a different way? I think not. Perhaps the people today who channel are different in that they are believed to bring through some personality from way back, who is reputedly saying these things. Of course, people who do seances are directly relating messages from people who have died too. Sometimes what is channeled might only be wisdom drawn from that individual's higher consciousness, and that wisdom might well be worth gleaning. How can we tell the difference? Maybe sometimes we can't. So we simply have to consider the value and content of the messages or information coming through to determine whether it is useful to us.

Using these abilities are key to creating better futures for ourselves. How? Imagine what your life could be like if you could do what you love. Now what steps do you need to take to get there? Are there any signs from the universe that open doors for you to step through and turn your imagination into your reality? Are there any ways that you are inspired to speak, act or look in order to manifest your heart's desire?

Inspiration and Imagination are still valuable tools for creation. Someone had to imagine a phone small enough to fit in your pocket, travel anywhere with you, remember phone numbers and take messages for you before they could go about making one.

So too, we have to imagine what we would like to do before we find a way to do it. Inspiration stirs the imagination and encourages us to reach for our dreams. We all have these tools. We just need to use them more.

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