Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Powerful Essences from Dreams

Movies can convey a powerful impression on us that stir the emotions and tell great stories within a very compact amount of time. Images stay with us for a long time and make a deep impression. That is why sometimes we can recall a great movie we saw years ago, but forget things we have done in the years between then and now.

Storytelling is powerful, and combined with sounds and images, the magic of storytelling is amplified.

How many inspiring moments come to us this way? Yet, all of this is not to discount reading and personal storytelling. Those have been important in my life as they have been to people for generations and millennia.

At its heart all movie making is really just storytelling with all the modern equipment being able to do create worlds of illusion and illumination with a sense of immediacy.

Movies constantly involve metaphysical processes and philosophies. Concepts like karma past lives, ghosts, spirits, apprenticeship, wisdom, heart and soul are all there in popular movies, whether or not they are openly discussed in the dialogue. Have you noticed that? Some of the movies with a lot of this going on are not some of the ones that tout it up front. In the illusory world of movies, we often engage in consciousness raising realizations. From these dreams come powerful essences.

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