Monday, June 1, 2009

The Traveler

Traveling always opens a person up to see with fresh eyes and hear with fresh ears. That is why sometimes when people come to visit us, they point out things that we had not noticed, and then we see it for the first time, when previously we just passed it by without note. We look at how things are and ask why when we see something new. Being familiar with a place often encourages us to forget or not notice because we are busy simply getting to work, going to the store or doing the routine things. We do not notice unless the changes occur on our daily route.

Travel also opens us to universal experiences, such as the kindness of strangers. We get a real sense of how large the world is compared to our own neighborhood. We appreciate each moment a little more when it is unpredictable.

We do not need to travel to far, exotic places in order to experience the opening of the psyche, or the increased awareness of our environment. We can travel to other towns within a short drive from where we live and be greeted with just as many surprises.

Expanding our view of the world, even a little at a time, enhances our consciousness.

If you have ever found yourself in a different place and been disoriented even for a moment trying to find your way around, you know just how easily you can feel like a stranger visiting this planet and looking around for the first time.

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