Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lightning Storms

Recently we have had several evenings where there were tremendous shows of lightning in the sky. While I was out walking the god, I noticed that she was not particularly phased by the constant flashes in the sky. She just went about things as she usually does, chasing rabbits when she spotted one, and always losing the race, but enjoying it none the less.

Lightning charges the air, feeding energy into plant life. It is also energizing for me, with each flash calling attention to the light show in the sky and everything else around. These magnificent natural displays of power have long had the power to awaken primal feelings.

Lightning is a powerful symbol. For one brief instant, it unites earth, sky and everything in between. For that reason it is a symbol of power, unity and wholeness. Some people believe that doing rituals in the middle of storms adds power to whatever you are doing. There is a sense to this. Lightning is exciting and stimulates the senses. It has an aphrodisiac power. Why do you think that bands emulate such things with their light shows?

Ancient people also felt that doing rituals at sunrise and sunset were particularly auspicious times because they were able to capitalize on the energies of the shifting from day into night and night into day. That is also why full moons are times when people do rituals, gardeners plant, fishermen fish and romance is in the air. The energies of nature are moving and if your energies are moving with them they combine into powerful forces.

I remember the first time I saw dry lightning and I thought it was strange that it was not accompanied by rainstorms. The light shows of the last few days have been along those lines. It sprinkled a bit, but no tremendous downpours or thunder. The explosions of light and veins of powerful electricity leapt in every direction across the horizon. It felt wonderful to be out walking in it.

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