Friday, June 5, 2009

Choices and More Choices

Too many choices? 7 Cups shows a person with many choices. Having choices in life is good. We can choose different careers, places to live, different lovers, different hobbies or activities. But sometimes when we so many that we are overwhelmed with our choices, we can become lethargic. It becomes hard to choose.

I'm sure some of you have heard similar stories about immigrants going shopping in supermarkets for the first time and having so many choices of brands of products that they don't know where to start. Sometimes having less choices or more stark contrasts in the choices makes it easier for us to choose and act. Artists, for example, create with found objects when they cannot afford all of the best tools and supplies, and often produce amazing results. Many a time, I have improvised a meal with foods, herbs and spices I had on hand, without planning the ingredients and created a tasty meal. Men typically have a different approach to their wardrobe than women. Men may have less items and wear the ones they love best all the time, until they are worn out. Women seem to like to have lots more choices with many items being worn only rarely.

That also happens in other areas of life. When you are out of work and looking for a job and you start looking at everything, it becomes bewildering. If there is nothing in your field, you start applying for everything, and your focus is gone.

Daydreaming can produce good results as a creative incubator. So after the free flow of ideas, you want to carefully consider all your options and choose as well as you can.

There also comes a time to make your decision. If you have many choices, there are ups and downs to each choice, but at some point you just have to choose. Remember that not choosing is also a choice.

Interesting how that choice manifests in the 7 Wands, where the person who has been working hard in their garden is now looking upon his work and knowing that he will be able to reap the fruits of his labor.

The choice in 7 Swords is that the mischievous character is stealing other people's swords while they sleep so that they cannot fight when they get up. He keeps his sense of humor as he disarms his adversaries.

The choice in 7 Wands depicts a person holding the high ground, able to defend his position, whether it is about sparring over ideas or protecting himself from attacks of other kinds. Once a person has chosen and takes action, they are in a good position to handle whatever is next. Choosing well and acting on it is well rewarded.

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