Thursday, June 11, 2009

Knowing That We Don't Know

When we turn ourselves over to doing the work that spirit guides us to do, there is a peace in knowing that we do not know every everything. When we are the vessel for inspiration, we may not know exactly what we are going to do before we start, but once we get going, the flow is there and the confirmation comes from others.

Have you had feedback from others that confirm that you did something well? Have you ever just felt like writing something or playing something or making something, and it turned out beautiful even though it was not intricately planned? Did that surprise you?

Sometimes we place a burden on ourselves because we think we need to know everything. Some people, for example, are just natural healers. Other people go to school for years to learn about healing. Some people, of course, hold the opinion that you can't be a good healer unless you go to school. Some people are wonderfully creative artists and they never went to school for that. That is part of the reason why some people feel a need to know.

Really, though, sometimes what is more important is the ability to sense, and to simply know through our senses and act from intuition. We may find ourselves doing and saying exactly the right thing at exactly the right time without knowing why. That's why they say that sometimes in life, knowing why is just the booby prize.

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