Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ending Prohibition Again

Conversations are finally increasing about legalizing marijuana as a way to help the government make more money. Funny how the financial crisis shines a favorable light on something many people have been advocating for a long time. It is so obviously true that it is mind boggling that they have not changed the laws yet.

When they made alcohol illegal, it did not stop consumption. It simply drove the business into black markets. Ever since it became legal again, the government has profited from its sale.

Same thing happened with marijuana. Making it illegal hasn't kept people from producing or consuming it. Legalize it and make money off of it. So simple.

No matter how the law of supply and demand shapes up, the government will quit wasting billions of dollars trying to stop it, and instead reverse the cash flow by letting people have it legally. How can you not recognize the truth?

Years from now people will wonder what ever motivated laws to be passed that made a natural plant illegal for people to enjoy. Especially a plant that has proven to be good medicine, a great relaxer and source of pleasure, and other members of the same plant family can be made into everything from clothing to paper to rope to oils for cooking and cleaning.

One of these days, we will be sitting around wondering how it all happened, the same way people now wonder how could anybody be so foolish as to outlaw beer, wine and liquor? But they did, and then they changed their mind, and magically, the cash flow reversed. Jobs were created, taxes were paid, and people enjoyed the freedom to have a drink without fear of arrest.

Think of the job related silliness and infringement on our freedoms that will stop. We all know that smoke produces a mellow feeling without hangovers, so it would be the preferred choice for many if there were no legal consequences. The number of smokers will increase as soon as people are no longer made to pee in a bottle in order to apply for a job. People who enjoy their cocktails are not excluded from applying for jobs, so legalizing smoke would end that discrimination.

It is simply ironic that all the other good arguments in favor of ending this prohibition were not as effective as considering the cash flow into the government's coffers. Interesting what actually drives change.

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