Friday, May 1, 2009

Our Capacity for Change

Yesterday's movie still has me thinking. How completely can we change? Does it seem that when we have an opportunity to start all over again, that we start to replicate the same patterns all over again, or do we really change? What is your experience?

In the movie, the main character starts doing something she had put off all her life, and for her that was playing guitar. The music was healing to her and opened up her freedom of expression.
What is it that you have been thinking about for years but never got around to doing? What is it that you keep thinking you will do some day when you have more time?

Or are there health habits, eating habits or dating habits you would change if you had the chance?

How completely would you change? Would it make a difference if the change was stimulated by a diagnosis of cancer, loss of a job, a heart attack or divorce or separation?

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