Saturday, May 30, 2009

Subtle Differences

Many tarot images offer subtle nuances as you study them, which can make a world of difference in interpretation. Even though more traditional definitions can be taken as someone else judging us and deciding whether we are good or bad, there is a sort of liberation if we accept that we are beyond that. In the deck I like to use, the card has been renamed Karma, which I like much better. It carries that sense of balancing out the reults of our actions and choices. Judgment can be a sign that you are ready to let go and move on. It could also indicate something that needs to be worked on right now. Acceptance is one comforting way of putting it as well. Once we accept that a certain phase of our life is over and quit misleading ourselves with false hopes, there is a sense of freedom that accompanies it. There is a sense of reconciliation that is part of this process. If we have taken an accurate assessment of our actions and results, we can be more clear eyed about the future. From that perspective Judgment can bring healing.
Here are another couple of quick turns, in different applications than we usually see.

In a question of a new person coming into your life, the Magician or the High Priestess could be someone you find enchanting or fascinating. They can also be high maintenance. The Chariot could indicate that a partner can be too controlling. Strength could sometimes show up when a person is too strong, stubborn. Alternate meanings sometimes appear as a reverse or downside of the quality portrayed, and sometimes just a whole different take on it.

What about the 3 Swords being able to cut through the nonsense to discover the truth? If you are getting this card, perhaps being totally deflated from a letdown, yet riding the pain to the very bottom in order to let go of it and be able to rise again in body, mind and spirit. Being a ble to face the truth, no matter how difficult. A relationship that where attentions are divided three ways. Could be good or bad. Perhaps peace is reached between warring factions. These alternative views can simply be opportunities for different interpretations that open up readings.

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