Thursday, May 14, 2009

How Many Turning Points Do We Have?

How many turning points do we have in our life? Did you ever stop to reflect on just how many times you have changed course over the years due to major life events?

In my own life, the sudden death of my father at a young age resulted in my becoming a hippie instead of enlisting in the military. That was one. My life opened up to very different experiences because of that.

Single life after my first divorce was one huge never ending party. After my second divorce, I moved, started a new career and a new relationship in a whole new part of the country and worked hard at changing my life.

A turning point came when an ad agency I was working for went out of business, so rather than look for another job, I launched my own freelance writing business which was very active for several years, until I accepted a job as the editor of a magazine.

Another was when I self published my second book of poetry. For a year and a half I called on boookstores, created special events, book signings, readings and everything else I could think of to sell my books. Met lots of people because of that and found out that even though lots of creativity goes into writing a book, tons more goes into the marketing.

After having a heart attack several years ago, I suddenly was faced with the realization that I could no longer eat and drink like I used to and needed to be more consistent with exercise.

When I really got into gardening, I discovered just how nurturing and life affirming this activity is. A lot of hard work goes into creating a garden, and many rewards come out of it.

When I discovered drumming, my perception of music opened up in a whole new way. People could come together simply by making sounds together, dancing and singing could erupt in the middle of it, and the differences between audience and performer were forever blurred.

There have been so many turning points in my life, and I am sure, many more to come.

How would you describe the turning points in your life?

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