Friday, May 8, 2009

Chocolate Mystery

If there is a flavor that is almost universally popular, it is chocolate. Women more than men, although many men love it too, this is the taste that seems to always be a welcome gift.

I have heard explanations to the effect that it stimulates some good chemicals in the brain that activate the pleasure centers or that it enhances the hormones that lead to good moods. Whatever it is that happens, it seems that it works. What would Valentine's Day be without chocolates? Or Mother's Day, birthdays, anniversaries or unexpected gifts? It is the one thing you can always get that will be welcome.

Today there are designer chocolates from different countries, and organic and sugar free for the diabetics. There is chocolate covered just about everything, including chocolate flavored body oils and lotions.

Isn't it fascinating how this one flavor is so universally appealing? There are many other things in the world on which you may get divided opinion, but chocolate, chocolate just seems to be the way to a woman's heart.

Perhaps knowing why is not the most important thing here. Some delicious things should just remain mysteries.

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