Monday, May 4, 2009

Love Hate Relationships

When we have a love hate relationship with something what does that mean? Let us use tarot as an example.

Let's say you have purchased a tarot deck because you have seen some images and loved them, but you have a hard time reading with it. Frequently that means you need to spend some time getting familiar with it. You have already established a comfort zone with your old favorite. Now you have to get comfortable with a new one with new images. You could learn many lessons from this as a self teaching tool, and later use it for readings.

We may have to grow into it, and learn new things as we do. We might also have to learn new ways to work with it. Once we move on to a new deck, the old one may be set aside for a long time, and sometimes we may not return to it. There are, of course, some decks that just do not work well for readings and we may trade or sell them.

You have to ask yourself what makes it appealing? What makes it difficult? Perhaps the lessons are difficult because we are called on to break through to a new level of understanding. How can it be that you love some of the images but cannot read with it? Meditating on the images you like best can lead to a breakthrough in learning to work with the new set. Reminds me of the saying about when the student is ready the teacher appears.

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