Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Yes, I know it is idealistic to hope that one day there will be peace in every country. Perhaps it is not in human nature for that to be so, but that does not mean we should not hope that it becomes true one day.

This thought is prompted by the news that the battle between the government of Sri Lanka and the Tamil Tigers is finally over after about 30 years of killing. and for what? It seems like after bombing and shooting each other for a number of years that somehow the adversaries would find some resolution to the problem.

How long has it been that the nightly news reports include some new twist in the Arab-Israeli conflicts, or the Palestinian Israeli conflict. There have been peace talks and peace agreements, yet they always seem to come undone. It seems like someone should be able to figure out a solution that both parties can live with by now. I know. I am idealistic.

I remember in the 90s, after the old Communist government finally collapsed in Russia, I thought we were about to enter a new era a great peace. It struck me as so bizarre that the newly free people would be busy killing each other instead of partying and starting new businesses and celebrating life. In some countries they did. The Czech Republic and Poland just got busy getting on with their lives, but people in the former Yugoslavia got busy killing each other.

In Sierra Leone and Liberia in Africa, madmen fought to control the diamond business, even going so far as to just chop off people's limbs for the sheer purpose of putting fear into them. One crazy man after another would take control of a gang of thugs and run things for a while until another would get some followers and weapons and take over.

I guess that all over the world, wherever there is a power hungry, greedy maniac who is somewhat charismatic in their public speaking, they can get people to pick up weapons and follow them into the slaughter.

So yes, I am idealistic enough to dream about a world in which people work out their disputes and put an end to the bloodshed. Is it really human nature to try and rule other people out of fear? I know that for myself, I want my life to be pleasant and peaceful. What is human nature?

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