Sunday, May 10, 2009

Different Kinds of Love

The kind of love most often sung about in popular music has to do with romantic ideals of couples who get together and stay together, but in real life, there are different kinds of love.

Within couples relationships, it is just as normal for people to get together for some part of their lives, then go their separate ways and start over with someone else as they are to stay together. And although one is held up as the ideal, the other is no less valid.

There is also a love for humanity, the love we feel for others in a non-specific way. For example, the outpouring of compassion and aid when we hear of a disaster somewhere. It is also the sense of kindness and care we show to other people out of simple courtesy.

Is it possible that this larger sense of love toward other people is what makes it possible for individuals to experience more than one romantic relationship in their lifetime?

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