Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sweet, Like Honeysuckle

While I was walking this evening, I passed by this tree that was full of these clusters of beautiful little white blossoms that smelled sweet, like honeysuckle. I mean, I know that it was not honeysuckle, but it reminded me of that. The fragrance was delicious.

I know that I once knew the name of this plant, but for some reason it escapes me right now. Not knowing the name of this plant does not interfere with my enjoyment of the scent.

Have you ever gone for a walk and seen beautiful little wildflowers? Did it interfere with your enjoyment not knowing their names?

Have you ever opened the windows and doors and heard birds singing outside? Has it interfered with your pleasure to not know their names?
Now don't get me wrong. I am not against learning these things. I am just saying enjoy the scent and the sound. If some day you learn what it is called, fine. If not, you can still enjoy it, but don't let the quest for the name thwart your pleasure. Just being with the fragrance and the sound is enough to sweeten the evening for now.

As I walk on, I notice how frisky and nocturnal the rabbits are. I guess I had never noticed that before. I have seen them in the daylight. Never knew how much they liked to be out at night too. Well, you know what rabbits are famous for, and I hardly need the reminder, but they make me smile, slightly startling me every time they dart across my path and then sit stone still as I pass by. Lovers, indeed.

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