Sunday, May 31, 2009

Try Playing instead of Working Out

It is interesting how the things that are most easy to do to keep fit are also things that we can do for a lifetime. Walking, swimming, and dancing are activities that you can enjoy for a lifetime. Sometimes you walk simply because you want to get somewhere. That is one way to be fit. Then sometimes you walk for the simple pleasure of it. You don't need to stop and get special equipment in order to do it.

Swimming is something that a person can do until they are old. Water supports and is gentle on the body, so that even if you have weak or damaged knees or shoulders, you can move along and let the buoyancy of the water help. Older people and people who are recovering from injuries have discovered this value. Even if you are not in either of these categories, simply swimming offers the delicious feel of movement that is flexible, being able to turn and move easily.

And dancing? What better spontaneous expression of life than to dance just because you love the feel and sound of the music? You can do this forever, and if the music pleases you, you just might try and dance forever.

Funny how people are always looking to new inventions to keep them fit, when the simplest and more pleasant are right here, yours for the having, any time. We don't really need the inventions. We just need to get up and get moving. Pleasure and fitness are ours if we want it. Instead of working our, think of playing your way to fitness.

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