Saturday, May 16, 2009

Psychic Memory

When I read for people, particularly in a public event where I may read for quite a number of people in one day or one weekend, the memories of individual readings do not stay with me.

That is a byproduct of the fact that at each reading I am holding myself open to transmit messages from spirit to those who come to me for readings. Being open and allowing the messages to flow through operates on different frequencies than reading a book and trying to remember it.

That is why sometimes a person will call for an appointment and ask if I remember the reading I did for them last year and I have to answer no. Sometimes I will remember general things like a situation, but letting go of those details is normal.

It may seem odd, but it is a different process and that is why sometimes I can find myself remembering details of jobs I used to have and how I did them years ago, but not reads I did just a month ago.

Memory does not always work the same way. Different processes kick it into different modes. A good analogy is this. One time I was talking to Hank Wesselman, author of several books on shamanism, and he was talking about how the capacity to do shamanic work is built in, but not everyone uses it. So it is like starting up a program on your computer when you want to do a different type of task. The program doesn't do anything until you click on it and tell it to start. So it is with our psychic memories.

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