Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Every Picture Tells a Story

What does it mean when the same card comes up over and over again? The most obvious answer is that spirit has a lesson to teach that keeps coming through, so the same card keeps coming up so that you are certain to get the message.

In this way, there is a lesson for the reader as well as the readee. This wonderful teaching tool keeps speaking to us over and over again. Even after you have worked with a deck for a long time and done many readings with it, there are still more lessons to be gleaned from it.

There are always those instances where you see a card again for the first time. We get busy and so spirit focuses our attention by bringing the same picture back for us to look at again and again until we get the message we need to get from it. Every picture tells a story, but on different days, the same picture can tell different stories.

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