Monday, May 11, 2009

Flower Moon

The Farmer's Almanac refers to the full moon of this past Saturday as the Flower Moon. This is the onset of spring, and either we are seeing some flowers bloom or we are busy planting them by this time of year.

Monday is named after the moon, and so today I am still thinking about, there is still a dreamy sort of influence.

Whether or not we are gardeners, we cannot help looking for the signs of the world coming back to life. Every sprinkle of rain, every bit of color, even from weeds blossoming from between the cracks in the sidewalk or the stones in the patio. Those little bursts of color are life affirming.

It is symbolic of our return to life after the winter storms. It is the fertility of the earth giving birth to new hopes, new dreams, new ideas, new plans, new businesses, new growth, new opportunities.

What is it that we want to grow in our lives this year? We can reflect on this even if we are only watching weeds grow. The first green shoots with little purple flowers still are affirmations of new life, even if we did not plant them and don't know what they are.

Life is like that. There are surprises that could be interpreted as good or bad, however we choose to see them. I've always been amazed that plants can find a way to blossom from between cracks in a rock. Some people will view these little volunteers as a nuisance, while others may find them to be an attractive little addition to the yard.

Similarly, look at the developments in our lives. What surprises may be springing up in our lives? Are they welcome or unwelcome?

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