Sunday, May 3, 2009

Recognizing Each Other

Why is it that sometimes we sense deep connections with other people quickly? In some instances, it could be a past life connection, and in other instances, it might simply be a recognition of a kindred spirit.

How deep do these connections go? So much of it depends on our free will that it varies with every person. There may be times when we choose to open up to a relationship and other times when we do not.

Deja vu usually refers to the kind of recall we get when something from a past life strikes a familiar chord with us, but I believe that this feeling can come from a familiar person or situation within this lifetime. There may be a person who appears in our life at this point in time who reminds us of someone we knew earlier.

As with all such occurences, this represents an opportunity to handle our decisions differently this time, and learn from our experiences.

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