Sunday, July 19, 2009

Becoming One With Your Dreams

Do you tend the garden of your self as well as you tend your garden of flowers? Is water enough to slake your thirst? Do you uproot the things that choke out the things you want to grow? Do you prune off the damaged branches so that the healthy branches can grow stronger?

Do you sing to soothe your soul and make up poetry in the dark when only you can hear it? Do you like the feeling of the rhythm in your body? Do you like the sound of rhymes in your ears? Do you give voice to your dreams to see who else has similar dreams? Do you sing for no reason and for all reasons? Does it feel good to shape the words, shape your feelings with your mouth? Does it feel good letting all that energy express itself through your throat? Does your voice reveal the real you? Or is it more?

Do you dance even when no one is looking or especially when no one is looking? Do you laugh at your self as well as at others? Do you find reasons to laugh at the slightest provocation?

Do you pursue your dreams with passion? Or did you quit dreaming because you have been disappointed before when you were not able to realize your dreams? Did you give up before you got what you wanted? If you had another chance would you go for it? Are you ready to give your self another chance? Are you ready to dream again and this time see if you can make it real?

What is the difference between dreams that are possible and dreams that are impossible? What will it take to move you in the direction of your dreams? What is the passion that you want in your life? Are you ready to speak for it now? Are you ready to receive it now?

Can you get up every day and say "I am looking forward to doing this?" Can you get up every day and say "This is what I like?" Can you get up every day and say "I am becoming one with my dreams?"

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