Friday, July 17, 2009

Galaxies of Galleries

I think of tarot decks as little art galleries that a person can carry in their pocket or purse, or keep in their desk or on a coffee table. Portable art collections. So there seems to be natural connection doing readings in art galleries. People who really appreciate the visual arts have an eye for the special effort that artists put into creating unique decks.

Packs of cards with 78 images can offer the same reflective and meditative qualities as coffee table books of art or framed pictures hanging on walls. Plus there is one advantage: portability.

Plus another quality, and that is that no matter what theme or style the artist chooses to work in, the pictures all relate in ways that tell stories, share ideas and explore many different paths to wisdom, many different ways to appreciate beauty.

Pocket art galleries. A world of choices. A world of inspiration. Other worlds in your hands.

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