Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It is interesting how many times we get let down when we have expectations. When we just proceed with whatever we have to do, life presents us with all kinds of gifts. Expectations can be a trap, because they are about how we think things will turn out.

Expectations are centered in the future and may or may not happen, and they can set us up for disappointments.

These are different than visions for the future which may involve goals we are working towards. For example, if you and another person have an agreement to work toward achieving a goal, then you measure your progress toward it.

However, if there is an assumption on either party's part that is not agreed on, one person may be counting on a result while the other feels no commitment to it, and as a result one person is happy while the other is unhappy.

The way to avoid being disappointed by the failure of expectations is by making and keeping agreements.

Life is much more joyful if you just do what you need to do and then accept whatever good fortune comes your way.

Here is another thing I learned long ago. Revolutions never come when we feel at our absolute lowest point. They come when things start to get better, because then we know that they can get better and so we feel our desires fired up and we have the energy to reach for more. The fact that we are no longer at the absolute bottom is inspiring. When there is movement, there is reason for hope, and hope gives birth to action.

Expectation without agreement is like positive thinking without action to give it traction. They present us false hope. Agreements and action give us strength to move forward and create the life we want.

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