Saturday, July 4, 2009

Written on the Wind

Today I was working in a fair in Firestone. We had a tent set up and more people were starting to come in for readings. It had been hot and sunny, shifting into slightly overcast at times.

Suddenly, some really dark, low hanging clouds drifted in, the temperature dropped about 20 degrees and a strong wind kicked up. The lovely young woman and her daughter who had just begun their reading suddenly saw all the cards fly off the table. Then my business cards and brochures. Then my vase of flowers. The young lady was kind enough to help pick up my cards, and miraculously, not one was lost. I wadded up everything on my table into the tablecloth and put it in my bag.

I had bought a lovely little tomato plant from another vendor, and it got broken when my table fell on it. I brought it home any way and planted it even though it was broken. I have a feeling that it will survive and produce some beautiful tomatoes anyway.

Other people helped us put the tent away, including police and firemen who were there. Other people weren't so lucky. Their tents got tossed across the road. So the holiday fair was declared over less than half way through. It is always a risk with outdoor fairs, just like sudden rainstorms or blazing heat.

Someone said that the winds were 75 mph. I have noticed driving north on I-25 before, feeling winds that exerted a strong pressure on my car, and I drive a very substantial car. I have heard that those winds get to around 80 - 100 mph on the plains in Colorado and Wyoming.

Quite amazing. The sudden gale force gusts driving across the plains, upending everything.

It was very surreal doing a reading and watching all the cards blow away off the table. It was just as surreal getting them all back.

So the crowded fairgrounds were suddenly empty. The clouds continued to be very dark purple and some layers seemed strangely close to the ground. People helped each other and we all got out OK. Yet it still seemed strange to be interrupted in that way and get home early because we could not finish what we started.

Winds went from refreshing to freaky in a matter of minutes. And for a moment, all my readings were indeed, written on the wind.

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