Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Past Life Resonance

I know that many people are skeptical about past lives, so let me present it to you the way it was presented to me, and this may open it to a different perspective.

The first time I ever went to someone to experience a past life session, I asked her this. "I have a good imagination, so how do I know if I ever had a past life or if I am just making things up?"

She said "If you go through this process with me and you come up with a story that teaches you something valuable, does it matter how you got the story?"

That is a lesson that has stuck with me, because the past life stories I recalled made sense to me and helped me recognize the patterns in my life. Recalling past lives did not change what I had done in this lifetime, but it helped me make sense of it. The patterns from the stories echoed real life events from this lifetime.

When a person recalls their own past life stories, they see patterns in relationships, patterns in life, perhaps uncover roots of fears or pains. Then once those roots are uncovered, some of the pain associated with them seems to dissipate.

Some of my own stories surprised me, some did not, but all were useful and helpful in understanding the life I have now. There are, no doubt, stories I have not yet remembered, but when the time is right, I will. Our stories are uniquely ours, and it is amazing how our experiences can be felt when we remember them and how cathartic it can be when we recognize our patterns. And that empowers us and frees us. Our past does influence our present. Our free will determines the course of action we choose from here.

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