Wednesday, July 1, 2009


How many times in your daily life do you experience joy? Can you experience joy from going to the farmer's market and buying fresh produce? Can you experience joy from simply going for a swim? Can you experience joy from seeing plants grow in your garden? Can you experience joy from drumming and singing for a little while? Can you experience joy from drinking a cold beverage while watching the sun set or the moon rise on a warm evening?

Now what about letting your creative spirit out to play? Did you ever just feel like writing something simply because you felt like saying something? Did you ever feel like drawing a picture just because you had an idea you wanted to sketch out? Did you ever want to sing a song that just came to you just because you felt like it?

Did you ever make love with total focus and just feel the joy, and letting it continue on? Did you ever make love until you felt your energy connect in a different way with your partner? Did you ever feel your energies connect on another level that is not easy to explain? Did your joy become ecstasy? Did you ever feel the joy so permeate you that you reached a happiness beyond all recognition? Does this happen often? Why not? Would you like it to? Is joy so simple to attain that we forget about it? Or is joy one of those things we save for special occassions?

Do you get up in the morning and dress comfortably and do what you need to do with joy as the feeling that flows through you? Do you experience joy and creativity every day? Why not?

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