Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Detective of Life

When I look at a card spread, I am looking at the trails of energy, looking for clues as to what is going on in this life.

I see the traces of love, fear, anger, joy, seduction, suppression, the victories, the secret desires. I see the tracks of the path well worn as well as the path only traveled in dreams. I see the impression of a being grown too robust for its cage to contain it. I see the passion abandoned by the one who felt that it was better to disown it and choose the safe route. And I also see the one who chose safety over passion a little further down the road, wishing they had pursued their passion after the bottom fell out of the safety net. I see the disillusionment that led to the collapse of the old and now provides the rubble strewn ground that will be cleared to build something new in its place.

I see the discoveries that lead out of the old life and into the new. I see the taste for adventure that lights the lantern on the path, the very glimmer of hope, bringing joy to the seeker who is walking their path.

I see the footprints of experience and the light on the horizon, the openings where friends will join in this journey and the tears from the drama that now water the wildflowers. I sense the change of temperature in relationships, where the body heat has cooled, and the tremors of awakening where the sleeper is awakening.

I hear the whispers of those who are saying yes to life, who have not the courage yet to speak it out loud or let it out in a passionate scream of delight.

I catch a scent of the subtle aroma of wakening from sleep, of reaching for more, breaking a sweat, the satisfied air of breathing deep.

I read the stories to see what is there, to read the patterns, and point in the directions of discoveries of life. When they are at the crossroads, not sure if their map will serve them, I reconnect them with their inner guides to help them feel their way to the treasure, the abundance that awaits those who move in the directions of their desires, their dreams, their heart connections.

I read them the stories that open the way. It is their choice to whether to read a new interpretation of the story, to follow a new path, to believe in a different set of possible endings. Like other detectives, I can see what is there, and how the evidence outlines the story. How the story ends is up to the choices made by the main character.

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