Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Healing and the Mind's Eye

To send reiki healing energy to people over a distance, it is helpful to focus the energy by picturing the person you are sending it to. A photo can help, but even without a photo, if you just close your eyes and imagine that the healing energy is being sent to the other person.

You can hold your hands around the picture and imagine the energy flowing through your hands to the person you are intending it to reach.

Like anything else you want to do, you will get stronger at sending with practice. You can test this with other people and see if they are picking up on it. Ask them if they felt anything. Ask them if they are feeling anything now. You can practice by suggesting to them a certain time of day that you will be sending energy so that they can open themselves to receiving it. You can also send it without mentioning a specific time and see if they pick up on it.

Yes, there are techniques for amping up the flow of energy, and as I mentioned, practice strengthens the flow. Meanwhile you can try it. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. You can also try it on your plants and animals. It is simple, gentle, beautiful, and it works.

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