Friday, July 10, 2009

Our Quest

Our quest for creativity and pleasure in our work is a challenging one.

Some people have feelings or ideas that contradict their goals, such as "It is hard to make a living doing what I like." It is not easy to start and grow your own business, but if you enjoy it, there is pleasure in every effort you make, because each step gets you a bit closer to your goal.

Some people may feel that they do not deserve to have a life that is pleasurable in every aspect. They may believe that they must slog through work they do not like in order to make money. While all efforts to create your own career and direct your own energies involve investment of energies including both money and labor, there is a reward for that labor that will reward you much greater than slogging through some job where someone else sets limits on your income and schedule. When you work for yourself, you make your own schedule and decide what your goals are.

I have seen many people lose faith in themselves and quit. If you really feel that what you do benefits both yourself and others and you enjoy doing it, I would encourage you to keep finding ways to do it that yield profitable results. If your desire to reach your goal is strong and you keep on looking for ways to get to your goal, the universe will help you find a way.

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