Saturday, July 11, 2009

Enjoying Outdoor Festivals

Every day I get closer to my goal. Working outdoors today, trying to stay in the shade as much as possible. Met many new and interesting people, and had a great time.

Once again sudden rain and wind almost caused an upset of the day's events, but it calmed down and we resumed. Weather definitely presents a risk at outdoor festivals, yet it is a good way to meet people who would probably not ordinarily go a psychic fair or healing arts fair. In a public festival setting, it is a pleasure to meet people who are going for the experience of getting a reading for the very first time.

In these types of situations, it also happens that many times I read for family members or friends who are there together. What a great way to spend a day.

When people ask me why I work so hard and put in so many hours at all these events plus seeing private clients on weekday evenings, I can honestly say that I enjoy doing this much more than just kicking back with a drink and watching TV. I do enjoy having a drink and watching a movie, or reading a novel, or catching up with people online, but that is after the in person sessions have ended.

I always affirm that I will be of service to those who come to me, and that I will bring through something useful for them at this time. And that feeling stays with me after I am done. So I am going back to do it all again tomorrow. When you can do what you love, you are truly blessed.

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