Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Feeling and the Mind's Eye

Ever notice how you can have even a fleeting image fly through your mind, and feelings come up? Images are powerful. The picture of someone we carry in our mind's eye can summon the same feelings you had with that person when you were together live and in person.

We use that faculty more than we realize. You know that example that has been used many times about when you imagine yourself biting into a lemon, and your mouth starts to pucker, but there is no lemon there. Your body, however, reacts as if there really is a lemon there.

When we watch a movie or read a book, we can feel some of the same things the character is going through because we can identify with them and relate to what they are feeling, especially if the book or movie is like anything we have ever lived through.

Our mind's eye even opens up new vistas to see what we have not seen, as in remote viewing, or what they call "casework" in the Silva Method Training. We can tune into feelings near or far and see things we did not know we can see. We can feel things and sense things about life from a distance, from memory, in our mind's eye.

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