Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Questions About Past Lives

One of the questions that prompted me to inquire about past lives is this. Why are some of us born healthy while others of us are born with various physical conditions that require surgery to correct? Why do some of us have a fear of small places, or heights, or deep water or crowds which has no rational or logical explanation in any life experience?

Yes, a person could say that it is simply genetics or an inherited trait, but where would that originate? People certainly are born with conditions that run in families like diabetes or heart conditions. But not everyone in a family is born with a fear of heights or a fear of water.

It is interesting that in my own case, I was born with one leg not properly formed and it took many surgeries to correct. They did a great job with the surgeries and I have been able to get around just fine.Still, doctors advised me not to play contact sports like football because they were afraid I might break it and that they would not be able to get it set properly again. So one past life revealed that I was a great athlete in a previous life, but that in this life, I was born with an unmistakable sign that this lifetime was not to be about being a great athlete. Another aspect of that life is that I had visions that I wanted to express but was never taught to read and write. I also had other lifetimes where my ability to write was a pivotal part of the story. I have always wondered why writing came so easily to me. For a good part of my adult life, I made my living as a writer, editor and writing teacher. Today I write on this blog.

Sometimes another person's story will reveal that their fear of water might have been as a result of drowning in a past life. Or a pain in a certain part of their body is related to a severe or fatal injury in that part of the body in another life.

Or a certain relationship pattern reflects patterns present in other lives. When we notice that we keep repeating a certain pattern, we have an opportunity to change it. Perhaps we never even realized we had a pattern until we recalled some stories and noticed the similarities.

That is why sometimes we feel like we know someone, even when we have just met them. They say that we reincarnate in groups, so that is why when a person is recalling a past life story, they feel that the person in one story reminds them of someone they know in their present life. Perhaps they do not look the same, but their energy, characteristics and manner are clearly recognizable.

Brian Weiss and other well known authors on the subject of past lives offer many examples in their books of how many people found release from fears, pains and anxieties after stories were recalled. Sometimes it is simply peace and freedom from anxiety that are found. Sometimes it was relief from a recurring pain, and sometimes it was just the ability to relax and be able to sleep through the night.

In my own case, it was the doctors who reconstructed my leg, but knowing that there was some reason, or at least a plausible story from my past, that explains why I was born with that physical challenge plus an ability to write that helped confirm for me that I am on the right track and that using my available energies in the way that I do fits a larger picture and confirms the pattern already working in my current life.

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