Monday, July 20, 2009

Giant Steps

How appropriate that today is Monday, the moon's day. 40 years ago today, astronauts landed on the moon. Many people are able to recall where they were and what they were doing when the moon landing happened. I am not.

I do remember that I was working full time in a warehouse during the day and going to college at night. Sometimes after class we would go out for beer. Other times, we might go to someone's apartment and play guitars. Not sure what I did that night, but I do remember coming to work in the warehouse next morning and hearing other people talk about how strange it seemed that astronauts were able to walk on the moon.

To me, it was mind expanding to think that we could do that. But it was simply a curiosity. It was not the most important thing in my life. It has provided a reference point in so many discussions. We have found a way to land on the moon and return, but not to be able to..........................(you fill in the blank). But that's about it for me.

People asked me if it was hard to be a full time warehouse worker and a full time college student. It was not too much for me, because I had a goal, a vision for my future. I knew that in a few years I would graduate from college and get into some different kind of work, and that the warehouse was not my whole future. That always inspired me to keep going.

Ironically, here I am 40 years later, working full time in an electronic sweatshop, seeing clients evenings and weekends, holding the vision of transitioning my career into something that I will find more joy and fulfillment in doing, namely doing tarot reading, intuitve consulting, energy and healing work full time. I am working hard seven days a week to make this my reality.

In all those years in between the moon landing and now, I have had other jobs I have enjoyed, some that were really interesting, and I have been an entrepreneur and freelancer. I have lived in different parts of the country. I have gone through many evolutions. Today, the evolution that seems right is this one.

Life goes on. You might say this anniversary is an interesting footnote. A few people have gone to the moon. The rest of us have our own journeys. Curious, zigzag patterns through life, rather than straight lines, define our orbits

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