Friday, July 24, 2009

Challenges As Opportunities

Challenges are opportunities that often come in very clever and nifty disguises. Big changes often spur growth because we force ourselves to think differently and act differently, and in so doing, we find that we have greater capacity than we thought we had.

We have to look for the ways to build our energies up instead of letting them run down. Those very things that may make our circumstances difficult can open the way to new joys, new discoveries, new opportunities.

When we overcome an obstacle, pass a test, learn to do something new, or make a significant change, we can feel exhilerated and sense excitement in our life. Each time we handle a big transition it reminds us that we have capacities that have been untapped and that we can do more than we thought.

When we are simply comfortable, and feel no urgency to do anything, then we could be letting everything move along at a snail's pace, where if we were to pay attention to it, we could stimulate the results faster, whether this is in regard to career development, hobbies, personal studies or whatever else.

Comfort can lull us into a place where we do not see all our possibilities. Options that exist escape our notice. When we are prompted by change, we can be forced to discover new options, new ways of doing things. These days, when we are talking about careers and jobs we increasingly find ourselves needing to explore more options. In our personal lives, exploring new options is a way of adapting to changes through exploring new options.

Comfort zones change. We find new ways to do things and eventually within that, find new comfort zones. Make new friends, find new work, and see the world with new eyes, hear with new ears and sense things that we appreciate with a new touch.

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